Why register with Cassford Management?

Cassford Managements founder’s have over 20 years in private service as Household Staff and served as Crew on private yachts. They speak your language, understand your skill sets, can identify with you and work with you from the initial search to well past placement.

Cassford Management places throughout the United States and internationally.

Cassford Management is with you through the entire process and beyond the placement.

How do I register with Cassford Management?

It’s simple and fast.

Registration: Click Here. The application takes approximately 15 - 30 minutes to complete.

Once you click on the submit button at the end of the application, David Cassford will personally carefully review your application and respond within 48 hours or less for next steps.

What do I need to know about the application?

You will need to fill it out completely. Please do not leave anything blank or type in see resume. This will slow down the process and potentially delay getting your information presented to the client.

You will be required to upload your resume, in addition to filling out the resume components on the application. The simplest way to facilitate this is to cut and paste from your resume.

You will need to upload a professional photo. Please keep in mind that the employer will be seeing this photo. Select a photo that best represents you.

You will need to upload any letters of reference you have and also supply contactable employment references.

If you have any difficulty with the application, simply contact David Cassford via telephone or email. He will provide assistance.

Why do I need to fill out the application completely if most of the information is on my resume?

Cassford Managements policy requires candidates to fill out the entire application as part of their standards and protocol. We understand that you may be tired of filling out applications with multiple agencies and our form may request some information that may be on your resume; however, it is our requirement in order to best represent you with a professional presentation.

What if I want to apply but do not have all of my information together, can I still apply?

Yes. David Cassford will contact you letting you know you have not completed your application. Let him know that you intend to complete, however, if David has to contact you more than 3 times to remind you, you will be required to start your application process over.

Does registering with Cassford Management incur any cost to the candidate?

No, never.

How is Cassford Management different from most other agencies?

Cassford Management represents select clientele. Cassford Management works one-on-one with clients that seek professional staff.

All Job Postings are real and active. Cassford Management does not falsify any openings to attract candidates to register.

All Candidates are welcome to register.

There is no auto response via email and all inquires are directly responded to by either David Cassford or Kim Cassford.

Cassford Management works one-on-one with every candidate to develop a professional presentation to prepare you for the interview, field any questions or concerns you may have, and if you require to negotiate on your behalf.

Does my information get sent to the client without my permission?

No, never, without authorization. If there is an opening, Cassford Management will call you and ask you if you are interested in the position.

What does the employer see in my professional presentation?

The employer will see only your photo, your letter of introduction, personal information, work and educational experience, skills and attributes and your letters of reference.

Why do we require you to fill out reason for leaving and salary and compensation history?

Cassford Management clients ask questions related to reason for leaving and your previous salary and compensation. We need to be prepared to answer the questions or our answers will not reflect well. “I don’t know, the candidate did not fill out the application, let me get back to you” will in fact slow down the process and potentially lose the interest the client may have in learning more about you.

How thorough is Cassford Management in background checks?

Very thorough, no exceptions. Be prepared for a full public record background and credit check in addition to validating employment history. Our basic checks include 10 year background check, on occasion we have clients that will ask for a further investigative background check that may go back as far as 20+ years. Cassford Management asks that you answer all questions openly and honestly when working with Cassford Management to avoid any surprises.

What shows on a background check?

A driving history that includes any tickets, accidents, arrests.
Validation of name, social security, all addresses you have lived at in the last 10 years or more.
Credit history.

Other things that may appear on background searches

Social media; Twitter, Facebook, Google searches

Do I need to worry about my background check if it is not perfect?

No, as long as you have been forthright and honest throughout the process, there should be no issue.

What if I did not leave on good terms or was terminated and have no reference from the employer?

Share this with us to further understand. Cassford Management understands that some positions do end abruptly without cause.

As a candidate, if I have a question or issue once gainfully employed, can I call or email to ask for help?

Yes, always. We welcome all calls and emails. All questions are good questions. Never hesitate to pick up the phone or email “how do I, where do I get, do you know of a resource, and so forth”